Preface by Richard Pearlman, Chief Engineer

Manufacturing Villages and the social change that follows is just an engineering exercise to me. I am far too old to expect great rewards, although if someone would invite me to Augusta for a few rounds of golf, I would by not gouging the course show my gratitude, I can only hope the benefits result in a more comfortable society.

The accomplishments of Manufacturing Villages requires a group effort: Please understand I am only capable of thinking and formulating ideas. If any of you expect me to be a great leader or a good administrator you are not taking on the responsibility required of you.

Having built model airplanes for  over 60 years I have a pretty solid idea of manufacturing. In fact, I attend engineering shows to this day and read many magazines you never heard about. Computers, robots, and NCR machines, not only important in cost-effective and quality, are really fun toys and slowly I expect this concept to grow over the years. I have many suggestions making making things much more interesting.

I predict many new computer and machine implementations will result in an increase in jobs only humans can succeed. The latest computer business implementations no longer require a technical person, but rather someone that can recognize how human interaction makes projects run better, training succeed, budgeting become meaningful, and analysis doesn't require endless data to make a business successful.

One last thing: if you are not making a profit you cannot help anyone. Manufacturing Villages makes sure all the components work well, create useful and well-made products, and receive proper compensation so we may keep helping people for many, many years.

Richard Pearlman
Chief Engineer