Manufacturing Village Benefits

Manufacturing villages are an important part of Recalibrating America. Here are some of the benefits Central Services for Manufacturing Villages provides helping the Recalibration.

  • Locating small manufacturing in non-urban locations
    • Provide local investment bucket
    • Create local manufacturing
    • Retain profits in locality
    • Create reason for urban areas to have contact with manufacturing areas
    • Lower cost housing for people who want to return to family area and/or want to raise a family in non-urban setting
  • Use of Central Services
    • Fastest path to sellable products
    • Centralized startup services
    • Raise capital through JOBS Program investment 
    • Repository of manufacturing technology , both research and application
    • Provides the many services taking too long to learn othewise
    • Continuous auditing for 95% sucess rate
    • Better bargaining power for shipping, materials, insurance, etc.
    • Assistence with hiring for better workforce
    • Continual education 
    • Makes an employment fee for bigger companies wanting our trained and capable employees helping pay for replacing employees
    • Combined sales increase efficiency for all products
    • Internal computer services, website maintenance, and marketing: trustable and permanent
  • Other Benefits
    1. Low beauracracy with owner operation solves problems quickly
    2. Create wealth for local area, no wealth leakage to Wall Street
    3. Agility to rapidly adapt new technology keeps operations competitive
    4. Creative designs builds brand
    5. Modern sales channels with lowest retail pricing
    6. Employees and owners go home in the evening for long-term success
    7. Employee development allows for earning money from employment agency to bigger corporations
    8. Small size allows close cooperation with educational institutes
    9. Use of JOBS program for easy investment
    10. Use of central services for bargaining with shipping and orderiing materials
    11. Use of IIOT makes monitoring manufacturing processes easy
    12. Central services technology department keeps producers up to date with automation
    13. Central Services creates and maintains websites relieving anxiety of producers
    14. Manufacturing has government grants
    15. Easy to create family atmosphere
    16. Industrial and residential real estate offer opportunities for profits