Physical Layout

The basic idea is for all parts of production are within short enough distance to send a forklift to make deliveries.

6518 Basile Rowe Aerial 11 13 15

The above photo is actually a small industrial park near Syracuse serving to illustrate a very good layout.

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Trust of Services

Distractions keep profits down and that's bad. Especially if the profit is proper and the loss is just about taking valuable time away from the business president.

If the president can find trustable, qualtiy services a great waste of time bothers profit no more.

Central Services will maintain quality services for the satellite companies, reviewing and replacing services as necessary.

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History of Villages

Manufacturing villages were a key theme in Marco Polo's Travel Book. Although the book may be just a vague remembrance written while in prison, Polo was in China for 30 years working as an ambassador to Kublai Khan who did not trust the naive Han Chinese. 

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