Custom Apparel Overview

As the first manufacturing village this project sets the standard for all future manufacturing villages

By creating and making successful the first four manufcacturing villages opens the door to vast expansion of villages. After the first custom apparel village 3 more need establishment in various parts of the country where styles are different from the first area. The initial village will take from6 - 12 months including the time to set up the central services. Profitability is less than one year, but this will be seen.

Product lines include

  • Knitted Apparel
  • Motorcycle wear using knitted Aramid yarns
  • Dancer leggings and sweaters, along with simple athletic wear
  • Style wear, sweaters and dresses
  • Golf sweaters and golf club head covers
  • Undershirts and other under garments for keeping scrubs wearing medical personnel warm
  • Women executive outerwear
  • Office worker outerwear such as sweaters, etc.
  • Sewn Apparel
  • Office fashion
  • Leisurewear
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Accessories
  • Rings
  • Inexpensive jewelry
  • Costum jewelry

  • Many of the styles will originate from movies of the 1930's, victorian age, Chinese and Japanese clothing and paintings, clothing of the gilded age from 1880-1920, costume jewelry of the 1930's, and inspiration of nature.
  • Each garment is knit or sewn to the customer's size as all garment dimensions are computer generated.
  • Using modern manufacturing garments are produced after the order placement.
  • This project will completely provide an example and perspective of what a manufacturing village is about, put together, and function profitably.
  • Computer control allows for easy personalization of sizes, including width, height, arm length, taper, etc.
  • Files are saved for each customer
  • Customers may choose style, pattern, and fabric. 

Knitting method:

 Description - modern knitting machines are able to create finished garments requiring little or no sewing. Computer programs control the knitting to the individual stitch. Knitting garments directly reuires minimum sewing and kitting

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Initial markets

  • Women working in general offices
    • A outer cover garment as offices are often cool
    • For women executives 
    • Functioning pockets if desired
    • Business appearance
    • Build wardrobeover time
    • Long lasting
    • Modern design
  • Women working in medical offices wearing scrubs
    • Undergarments to keep them warm and comfortable
    • Only standard t-shirts are currently available


  • Distribution
    • Internet direct to customer via specialized website
    • Agents and boutiques sending us customized orders
  • Customer demographics
    • People affording more than minimal garments
    • Executives who need very business looking garments
    • Long-term customers
    • Will sell gifts and jewelry to these demographics
  • Use of artists and apparel designers - both American and foreign