We are Looking for People with ...

Yes, we will be sending applicants through testing and committee review. If you have the right gut feel we want to give you the tools to make our corporations not just better, but good. If you think mergers are a good thing you will not be accepted in our program. 

Choosing the right people to invest our money and energy must produce a moral person capable of running, not necessarily growing, large companies: our object. 

The person with the highest grades may not be the one we need. In fact, surveys show people too intelligent do not make good executives: We leave them alone in the "white towers" enabling them to make the best contribution to both your company and society. Would Adam Smith made a good executive of the Hudson Bay Company? I wouldn't have hired him, not to mention distracting him from writing "Wealth of Nations". Don't be frightened of applying for any reason.

We don't need many people, we just need 20 or so each year, maybe less. 

We'll be looking at these things:

  • You thinking from way back as in your childhood
  • Did you have hobbies and show a determination to finish projects
  • Maybe you were the person in high school making people happy to work on your projects
  • Did you bother to take courses outside of your initial interest
  • Did you read or watch lots of history
  • Did you do any tutoring or teaching
  • Were you elected to some position in school
  • And so on

We make no promises why we choose or reject candidates. Maybe you need to change some of you habits and apply again. We are not going to be politically correct in any direction, it's our opinion that counts.

If you are part of the program you may mentor others not in the program. You have to hire someone when you get in charge so prepare others like we wanted to prepare you. Sounds like a multi-level marketing scheme. Here it doesn't sound so bad.

Remember, we like people who have good posture, take care of their appearance, and have a certain confidence in their ability to learn and confident they can help others live a better life - as in going home at a reasonable hour.

Additionally, if you apply we will help you better your application as best we can

Take a look at the reading list and start reading. The more you read - and you certainly can recommend books for the list - the more we probably will like you.

If you think outside the box, inside the box, around the box, or are just tired of boxes and other catchy sayings, please apply.