Entrepreneurs Still In School

Are you someone who, as I did, made money taking photos of the high school teams and the cheerleaders? I finally got my own darkroom equipment but started with the school darkroom. One time I locked myself out and had to explain to the custodian what I was doing at the school 9 at night!

Maybe you cut lawns, shoveled snow, sold greeting cards door-to-door. Entrepreneuers start young and maybe that is you. So fill out the form so I know who you are and can encourage you.

A list of the education I feel should be covered to be a real entrepreneur. Learn while you still have time.

Read magazines like Popular Mechanics, car magazines, music electronics stuff, and anything that will explain how things work. Reading science fiction is something many engineers read. Learn about wood, adhesives, soldering and welding. Join a racing team or soemthing that teaches how to turn a wrench without breaking off a bolt.

Think about attending an engineering school. Every business needs an engineer.

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