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Internaltional Trade is Still Too New for a "Rule by Laws" Stucture

We certainly do live in modern times with serious world trade only starting in the 1840's with the advent of steam. If you are fascinated by disruptive change in wealth building and management you will find many parallels in disruption placed upon us by connectivity whether electronically or via modern shipping efficiency.

Let's discuss the adventures of the Chinese, very much like the travels stories of the various gods that are fun to the reader and serious to the characters. It's not been fun for the Chinese to be currency manipulators through the past 10 years and in 2018 we are back at 7 yuan to the dollar. They know, especially now for several reasons we will not discuss but are freely available in Wall Street Journal articles, they are breaking the linear economic codes as an economic entity increasing exports will their currency is devalued: ask Adam Smith and he will answer other influences are dominating rather than just trade.

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Central Services Investment

Investors may invest into the central services company. 

Investing term is at least 5 years. Investor may cash out at the same current value of the investment. Profit is made on the cash flow rather than capital gains. This allows future investors to bring new life into the company without the cost being too high for new and younger partners.

Central services may eventually be a franchise and investment must follow legal guidelines.