Raising Funds and Corporate Sponsorship

As a non-profit organization we raise funds in four ways:

  1. Asking for money from individuals, foundations, government grants, etc.
  2. Corporate sponsorships
  3. Charging a fee to hire our graduates
  4. Alumni contributions

If we have an additional 20 recipients per year and overhead to manage 100 people at any one time plus the membership website The amount of $3 million per year needs to be raised. 

We could charge for the continuing learning website to members, but really that's more like alumni contributions.

This area is not my expertise and I leave the fundraising to the experts. I can just give them a solid reason to raise funds.

In terms of the value of graduates the cost per year of running the intern program is very low. The actual dollars can look otherwise. Let's look at expenses.

  1. 100 active interns (20 new interns per year for a 5 year period) paid @ an average of $120k per year is $12 million. 
  2. Overhead for offices, website, video production, recruitment, employment agency will probably cost another $5 million

So $17 Million cash flow must eminate from employment fees, alumni contributions, sponsorships and other fund raising methods.

Considring many of the alumni will earn $10-20 million per year running billion dollar companies profitably justifies the cost of the program. 

Over a 25 year period that's 500 trained executives capable of running companies. 
What a deal!!!!