Fourth Year

Time to study marketing, branding, risk, insurance and lots of details you will never have another chance to learn. We start preparing for the evenual interviews with the companies you choose.

The best way to find rewarding employment? Choose the companies you think are just plain good in your opinion. After all, it's your opinion we are training.

You will learn to phase answers in ways the interviewer and the committee understand. Since facial recognition is now becoming part of the interview process you'll have to video pretend interviews. You are not trying to trick anyone, after all you are learning what really makes a corporation success and you need to communicate your capabilities and honesty. Remember you picked the companies to interview.

You'll be taking test applications reviewed by our organization so you will be properly prepared for even chance meetings with your favorite company's execs at airports and golf courses.

Using the interviews you will carefully steer the interview process to make sure you receive the right offers for your desired job and salary level.