Fifth Year

The last year is wrapping up all you've learned. You'll even publish a book of all your notes. You may revisit places you've been and people you met. In fact, your fifth year could be the most fun...

You were made for a small RV. Or, maybe a small RV is the perfect vehicle to see America.

You'll be interviewing for a job and planning what you need to learn in the future. On the other hand, you will learn about America you may never have seen and it might change the way you think about future employment.

If you bothered to get married or have a girlfriend she must love roaming America learning humility, meeting real people, and eating many kinds of interesting food.

Here's some of the things you will be photographing and writing about in your blog. 

  1. Quarter-mile auto racing. Maybe 5/8ths of mile tracks too.
  2. Truck pulling contests
  3. Many car shows including auctions and SEMA (you lucky dog).
  4. Little league games in small towns
  5. Maybe a PTA meeting too
  6. You visit small manufactures who make the things you see on infommercials
  7. How about sunsets on beaches where you will meet people who know how to cook on a beach
  8. Engineering shows in Chicago among several others
  9. Las Vegas and a few shows
  10. A movie studio in Burbank
  11. Ride along a fishing boat
  12. Spending 2 weeks with an Army reserve unit at their annual training session

You will need to see as much of America as possible, making a circular route using the Intrstates. You'll need to visit Texas for energy and Lousiana to see what has beocme ofthe Bayou. You'll have to see howimportant the national parks are to the soul of America. Maybe even a week in Alaska. 

The purpose is to learn humility when it comes to realizing people are not all like you and the companies you trained with.