Established Businesses

Examining the different issues integrating ongoing businesses into a central services structure.

Established Businesses Overview

Established businesses have personalities and favored ways of doing business. Starting a new Manufacturing Village with its own central services if ar easier than supporting a group of established businesses with a central serivces group.

The purpose of central services is to bring the success rate of members up to over 90% for a lng time.

Established businesses are very rarely next to each other which causes extra expense for travel.

Too many owners are bogged down with back office functions rather than production, a great waste of an important resource.

Modern day businesses don't have the time businesses in the 1960's had to learn many aspects of business operation. Not ot mention no internet, websites, SEO marketing, etc. Nor did Amazone and eBay provide competition. People used paper which lead to hiring people to file the paper. Everone had assistants.

Today businesses live in fear of losing the website person, can't figure out the phone system, are not backing up the computer system, and are not going home at a reasonable hour due to all this back office nonsense.

To help manufacturers be competitive and profitable as America once again is an industrial power, Central Services will provide quality, dependable, and long-term support to allow the manufacturing process come to the fore.

Established businesses deserve the same support a new Manufacturing Village which surround the satellite businesses, it's just a bit more complicated. Business would be easy if it weren't for people.

Chief Engineer

Questions to be Answered

In this article we'll look at the many facets of an established business determining how the business operates. A form to be filled out in cooperation with management will help guide the business and manufacturing planning to a profitable end. By profitable I mean not only more money in the bank at the end of the year, but additionally, people emtionally and physically ready for each new year. 

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