College Connection

Modern manufacturing needs trained administrators, engineers,and designers.

 Even though Sweet Sweats exists under a central services umbrella, the need for internal administration remains essential.

  1. Office administration
  2. Hiring employees
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Physical plant maintenance
  5. Inventory control
  6. Shipping
  7. Legal issues
  8.  Sales force
  9. Communicate with central services

Although the office administrator may not perform most of these services, a need to understand and be able to design and communicate the services with the office staff is a daily task. The best time to learn these skills is at the college level when time is available for study.

A connection for a project such as Sweet Sweats via a college with programs for apparel (and other manufacturing manufacturing types) means many other central services companies have a source for competent administrators. To this goal Sweet Sweats will utilize interns, create class projects, help make educational videos, and hire graduates.

www.ManufacturingVillage.com,  the website for implementing manufacturing has a non-profit research group, www.ManufacturingVillage.org, to research and examine how central services and satellite companies run. By using the non-profit to raise research funds we can fund university research and training.