Central Services provides computers, peripherals, software, and services to the satellite companies. We will have our own cloud, which is nothing but a glorified server.

Nothing wastes time and money like a computer system. And considering almost everything is automated the task is overwhelming for an individual satellite.

If something goes wrong we have our own technicians to send out, remote diagnostics to help our technicians fix things quickly, monitoring to know when preventative maintenance should occur, and the latest technology. Things like backup are completely automated. WANs for all the mobile devices.

Software includes all the office stuff, graphics, video production, email and instant messaging, anti-virus, accounting and payroll (that integrates with central services software), 3D printing software, sales software, inventory software and anything a satellite would need to manufacture.

Clouds, being nothing but servers with security and referenced from anywhere, are internal to central services helping minimize costs.

Phones are VOIP maintained by central services.

Websites are created in our website services and technically supported.

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