Central Services Overview

The Central Services part of a MV is the franchise. Each region in the U.S.A. is maintained by a master franchise who then sells franchises to all the nice towns and villages 

  •  Regional Franchiser is responsible for the cost and time for Branding helped by the local franchises in their areas
  • Franchising is about maintaining quality and keeping new technology flowing to the local franchises
  • The sale is to the community, not an individual, as community buy-in is necessary
  • Satellites raise funds locally (Local Investment  -  Local Production  -  Local Profits) while the franchise Central Services can be national funding

Central Services is the intelligence center of a manufacturing village

  • To maintain quality and uniformity for the many manufacturing villages throughout the world, Central Services utilizes the franchise structure.
  • Decides all software throughout the entire organization, including satellites 
  • Decides what computers and associated hardware will be used and how the equipment will be monitored
  • Maintains the phone systems
  • Supply build-out expertise for designing and implementing a production facility with the best technology for the manufacturing processes
  • Do all the accounting from the bookkeeping in the satellites while providing continuous auditing to find anomalies
  • Provide websites
  • Do marketing for products
  • Provide warehousing both for incoming and outgoing
  • Employment and hiring testing
  • Employment taxes 
  • Legal
  • And many more back office functions

By providing such above services the satellite manufacturers will be able to focus on production.

A maximum of ten satellites is available for each manufacturing village with up to $10 million gross sales each.

Basically the Central Services is an advanced incubator that never goes away. Expecting the owner of the satellite to understand all the details of a modern business invites failure. 

By supplying business structural functions the probability of success is over 95%. Of course, the people allowed to own a satellite will be thoroughly tested and trained. Satellites need people with "eagle eyes" and a need to do things correctly.

Again, a Central Service is franchises from a national company which will have many support functions down to the individual manufacturing Village

to start, we will follow the rule in the franchise industry to establish four franchises before going national.

I have a couple of manufacturing villages in mind for the first four, but after that what is produced and sold will be determined when a local franchise is installed.

How much a franchise should sell for is yet to be determined.

Income for the central services is from monthly charges to the satellites (where the real wealth is created).