Building Accounting Services

Accounting for manufacturing is part of the ERP system. How much of the office and overhead accounting needs adding and refining leads to correct business structure.

Defining the General Ledger accounts usually is already part ofthe ERP system. Making the reporting usable for the many elements of maintaining a business means using a cube visualization. Each side of the cube provides the proper view of the business to an interested party.

For instance, the accountant would be presented the view to do taxes. They would not be allowed to view the side of the cube for loans and equipment leasing. Accountants would have to show competence in areas beside taxes to view other cube sides.

Management access to the cube might involve 2 or three sides depending their responsibilities. For instance, views for the sales force or for analyzing production.

Each cube side could be divided further for lower level analysis, with window panes you see in your desktop.

Consistency or accounting for year-to-year comparisons determines ease of analysis.