Topics For Learning

Would you like to earn $10 million a year? By completing the internship for large business executive training program you will know these management structures to operate a large company. Specialties are manufacturing, service, distribution, or technology companies.

You will learn:

  • Management by walking around.
    • Learn to make friends with everyone
    • Failure management
    • Production methods and service methods
    • Listening and linking 
  • Procurement and testing of ordered products
  • Employee goals and how they can contribute to their and your success
  • Implementing cultural changes
  • Building a corporate board for continuing success
  • How to avoid merging a company to death
  • Build a career support group
  • How successful meetings occur
  • Internal entrepreneuring
  • How to keep current with technology
    1. Engineering
    2. Science research
    3. External technology
    4. Automation
  • How to delegate all your work and go home at a reasonable hour
  • How to report your activities so people know you are doing a good job
  • Understand physical plants and their maintenance
  • Marketing to both men and women and how to bring new successful products to market
  • Taxes and accounting for large corporations
    1.  Budgeting including zero-based-budgeting
    2. G/L structure
    3. Managing P/L through assests/net worth/deferred cash flow
  • Employee training
    1. Skills
    2. Promotion readiness
    3. Interpersonal skills
    4. Cross training