Large Company Executive Intern Program Overview

Would you like to earn $10 million a year? By completing the internship for large business executive training program you will learn management structures to operate a large company in manufacturing, service, distribution, and technology areas.

In an effort to bring quality to American large companies created an intern program for University graduates. Basically a gateway to becoming a well-qualified executive capable of running - and expanding - companies from 500 million gross to the billion dollar behemoths.

  1. Good qualifications:
    1. Your university degree should have some engineering yet certainly any 4 year degree - it shows you can start and finish something - will have meaning to help you through the intern program. The best executives don't necessarily have the highest grades. On the other hand, what classes you chose will make a difference.
    2. Summer work will be taken into account as well as any entrepreneurial bent from even elementary school. 
    3. Hobbies, such as model airplanes, trains, and boats show desire to build things. Did you tie your own flies for fishing? Where you the school yearbook photographer? Did you take charge of high school events? Manufacturing Villages is about making things and we are looking for people with a matching gut feeling.
    4. Do you like history? Do you read business magazines?
    5. Have you shown an ability to build and manage groups?
  2. Will you get paid so you can start a family? Yes. 
    1. About what an starting engineer is offered. Around $100k
    2. If you continue with the program you will receive a yearly raise
  3.  This is a full-time, year-round job. 
  4. You will be working at several companies and moving around the country or overseas is definately in the picture.
  5. You don't have to make everyone happy yet being liked is important to being in charge
  6.  You will read many books and creae summaries for our review.
  7. This is a 5 year program 
  8. We will act as an employment agency to match your skills and desires with your first job.
    1. Remember you will still be too young to run a large company.
    2. You will probably want to start with a medium size company
    3. You may ant to work with startups that want to grow 
  9. You will work with many mentors who can function as you personal board of directors
  10. Good management can come in all sizes and styles of people and we will design a program for your success.
  11. Continuing membership with forums, research reports, reading lists, internal Facebook/employment listings/events/links/etc. See descripotion page.