Employment Agency

Since, without doubt, larger compnaies will take advantage of our training skilled employees, all employees will sign a reemployment contract where the bigger compnaies can off lots of money and hire away our people, yet they must pay an employement fee so we have the money to train new employees and, additionally, new entreprepreneurs.

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Product Type

Raw products easily delivered by common courier and delivered by UPS/USPS?Fedex. Small products sold directly to customers.


Very complex subject if supply chain is involved between satellites. Topics include exit strategies for the satellites, diovorce, and many other bothersome things.

Legal Structure

Central Servuces is a franchise to control quality. The satellite producers are with owned by the entrepreneurs or money raised through local crowd-funding and will be LLC's.


We market we are the customers' friend. We make things that make them happy. For each style of product we will create a custom marketing program for sales direct to customer.


Auditing on a continual basis - remember we do the accounting - makes sure very few quarters sill have losses. Profit is necessary to stayingin business and ROI.