Hello friendly entrepreneur,

We do not share this information with anyone.
We are looking for people with a good gut feeling for making things and for the market for your intended products.

Just having an MBA doesn't indicate and ability to know manufacturing actual products. If you can sleep easily at night if something is wrong maenas don't give up your day job.

We don't discriminate by age, gender, race, or other factors. We are looking for people who will want to make things for many years. As the owner/boss you must be full-time, live with your family in the local area, be able to manage your employees, and have eagle eyes tocatch any errors. You must always feel only the highest qualtiy is acceptable. Central Services is always there to make sure you can accomplish your needs properly and be successful over a long period of time. If you are qualified and lack the financial resources we have local people finance you. 


General Info
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People good at manufacturing have a background of building things. I personally started building model airplanes from about the 3rd grade and by the time I was 13 I was soldering together the radio control components.

So did you fix or race cars and bikes? Do you know how to work with tools that buzz and hum? Did you race little cars on the indoor or outdoor tracks? Maybe you raced gokarts.

Tell us what makes you happy when you see other people using your abilities.