Mass Customization - a MV Advantage

Here's a very direct example of customization. An office worker or executive wants something for warmth (women complain about how office temperatures are set for men wearing jackets), fits them correctly, is easy to take care of, and looks business like. With automated knitting machines the order, with not only style and color choices but also many dimensions, is input into a website which then is saved and the data exported to the automated knitting machine without any retyping of data. 

The machine knits and knits, the garment is washed, dried, and steamed to shape and is out the door. A fully customized garment which could be, depending on sales volume, out the door and on the way to a customer in a single day. When the production flow is optimized the cost of a custom garment is very much the same as a standard mass produced garment.

I would expect within 5-10 years most clothing for middle to upper class customers will be customized. Manufacturing villages, be small and high-tech should be first in successful and profitable customization.